May 12, 2009

(sigh....) 50 FIRST REACTIONS

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS... Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it! Re-post it for all of your friends.

1. Beer: homer simpson
2. Food: pasta
3. Relationship: college
4. Crush: michael cera
5. Power Rangers: wtf?
6. Life: flat
7. The President: SBY
8. Yummy: hungry to death
9. Car: yellow vw
10. Movie: the royal tenenbaums
11. Halloween: kolor ijo
12. Sex: and the city
13. Religion: islam
14. Hate: musical drama
15. Fear: my math score
16. Marriage: according to a silly quiz on facebook, i got 45 YEARS OLD as the result
17. Blondes: i wish
18. Slippers: my white ando that only cost 20.000
19. Shoes: topshop
20. Asians: mangga dua
21. Pastime: death
22. One night stand: nick and norah's infinite playlist
23. My cell phone: experia (i wish)
24. Smoke: caused hepatitis
25. Fantasy: NIKON D90 AND CANON EOS 50D
27. High school Life: drama
28. Pyjamas: banana
29. Stars: lady gaga
30. Center: death
31. Alcohol: 21 yo, but i do want to try it now. we're still young, right?
32. The word LOVE: thank you for starring at me
33. Friends: IPS 2010
34. Money: i'm broke
35. Heartache: i'm too young
36. Time: late
37. Divorce: never
38. Dogs: my former dog's name was badut
39. Undies: bolong
40. Parents: nicer than ever
41. Babies: someday
42. Ex: lots (not)
43. Song: lovers in japan- coldplay
44. Color: dark blue
45. Weddings: hotel mulia
46. Pizza: pasta
47. Hangout: kuburan
48. Rest: kasur
49. Goal: sukses
50. Inspiration: A. Adiputra (if you read this, please be our yearbook photographer)

1 comment:

rinta-chos said...

wakakkaka 45 taun! si xika aje kaga sampe segitunya haha.
lo lagi dengerin lovers in japan nya coldplay jang? sip dah.