Apr 5, 2009

It was the worst job they ever imagined... and the best time of their lives.

1st, I officially adore Kristen Stewart
2nd, Jesse Eisenberg is gonna be the next Michael Cera
3rd, I am looking for a t-shirt that's similiar to those pictures
4th, The movie won't be released in Indonesia just like nick and norah's infinite playlist,i am so ready to buy the dvd at ITC KUNINGAN. yes yes!
5th, I thank Greg something for making this movie and i'm thinking about having a job at my own version of adventureland. yeah you know it, a place that starts with letter D ends with N. a-ha.


NABILA said...

sama sama
gw juga lagi sooo into Kristen Stewart
kemaren gw beli dvd, tapi ga ada adventure land
yang ada the Cake Eaters

erika ujang said...

iya naaab kayaknya lama deh nyampe ambas soalnya baru rilis di amrik aja bln april. eh kalo lo nemu kasitau gw ya

paw25694 said...

Duh namamu ganti-ganti terus aku pusing