Jun 27, 2009

what's going on in june?

sorry guys for the lack of updates.

1.wooooow i've got my report card today and the results are pretty safe although I'm still shocked with my sociology score which is really disappointing. how on earth i could only get 75? yeah whatever. i can't believe I'm in my senior year of high school ssshit i feel like i was a 10th grader yesterday.
2.went to dey and asti's birthday dinner yesterday along with the other girls. it was fuuuun. we laughed at each other joke although dey's prince charming didn't show up that night. and then suddenly the restaurant manager gave dey and asti a surprise cake for free (was it?)! woooow, it wasn't on purpose! never resist free food, guys.

3.i spent 260 rupiahs to buy 2 clothes from t**s**p and now i kind of regret it because it looks like the ones i can get at ITC. that means i should spend my money wisely but the temptation to buy fancy stuffs are everywhere. (sigh...)
this is me wearing the t-shirt
4.after my father read my report card, i'm waiting for his new speech about my seems-dark future. i gotta prepare myself for this one and i promise i won't cry. *finger crossed*
5. i'm currently listening to PASSION PIT,LYKKE LI, and THE KILLS. for those who also listen to MGMT,Empire of the sun,Justice, try passion pit because it's a bit electronica. and lykke li is my current obsession. oh geeez she's got the style and the sexiest voice. and next, the kills. well this band drives me insane after i watched some of their video clips. can't breathe without this song

passion pit

lykke li

doesn't she somewhat looks like manohara?


deilika chairina said...

dey's prince charming didn't show up that night- oke stop!! dia bukan prince charming gua!!

erika ujang said...

ah itu hanya kata utk mempercantik postinganku saja kok. hihhhihihi