Nov 23, 2008

my wishes

i'll turn sixteen on november 25th. so here it is, my top 5 birthday wish list:

nooka watch,oh i always love nooka's design but i don't know how to operate it.

the strokes t-shirt. i'm not the strokes' no.1 fan. but they are legend dude. and i should have this one.

i don't really need the holga camera, i just want the fisheye lens but if you could have both, why not?

i want to shoot underwater. i may borrow maudi's underwater camera (analog) and buy a film to make it happen. still searching for the right model. anyone?

having good scores are more important than anything. this is quite difficult for people like me. i hate reading books,i even hate opening the books. but this is my goal, if i succeed,i would buy all the cool stuffs that i have mentioned above.



waah bntr lg jang ya ulg thn heheheh

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder said...

akhirnya dapet yang mana jang?