Nov 30, 2008

yes, it's cool to know nothing

What did you learn today?
I learned nothin

What did you do today?
I did nothin
What did you learn at school?
I didn’t go
Why didn’t you go to school?
I don’t know

It’s cool to know nothin

Television’s on the blink
There’s nothin on it
I really want to really big coat
With words on it
What do you want for tea?
I want crisps
Why didn’t you join the team?
I just didn’t

It’s cool to know nothin

Take a look, take a look, take a look
At the kids on the street
No they never miss a beat

Here comes the referee
The light’s flashin
Best bit of the day
Now that’s livin
Why don’t you run away?
Are you kiddin?

What is the golden rule?
You say nothin

(kaiser chiefs,never miss a beat,2008)

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